A local charity raising awareness and supporting people affected by bowel cancer in the Isle of Man


Don’t delay…

It’s important to seek medical help straight away.

images2UK7BMNESome people present late because they think they’re wasting the doctor’s time, or they don’t want to face up to it, or they’re too busy and put it off. GPs would rather reassure people – or make the diagnosis earlier so the cancer is treatable – than see them too late, when their cancer is incurable. If your …symptoms are innocent, your GP will be able to reassure you, but if he or she thinks the symptoms are concerning, then other tests or investigations could be arranged to confirm cancer or reassure you otherwise.

Be honest

If you’re worried about cancer, don’t be afraid to use the word.

Sometimes patients beat around the bush and it’s very easy for patient and doctor to misunderstand each other. You need to have an honest talk and patients do need to state what it is they’re concerned about. They need to say, “I am worried I might have cancer.”

If you leave it up to your GP to guess what’s on your mind, sometimes they get it wrong. Sometimes it is hard to diagnose cancer in general practice because it may present in a vague way and only become obvious when it becomes advanced.