Tough Guy Matt Knowles


31 January 2010

Matt Knowles, a Banking Consultant with RBSI, recently completed the Tough Guy challenge and has collected over £2000 in sponsorship for Bowel Cancer Isle of Man. Tough Guy is the toughest test of strength and endurance on Earth consisting of a cross-country run of 6 miles followed by a assault course consisting of 25 “killing fields”! Matt was in training for 6 months in order to prepare for the pleasure of taking part. Matt spoke of the experience: Tough-Guy-2010-01 “It was definitely the hardest & best physical battle I have put myself through. Without my preparation in the plantations, my early morning gym sessions and support from my mum who acted like a bit of a personal trainer making sure that I didn’t ‘slack off’ on my training, I could not have done it!… Knowing what I was doing this for, raising all the money for Bowel Cancer IOM and having my own personal senses of achievement (Not touching a drop of alcohol for over 6 months being one of them!), I was mentally prepared… The atmosphere was amazing, 5,000 screaming lunatics all day charged up. Every part of the killing fields were completely covered with supporters, there were around 10,000 there, it was unbelievable!… Tough-Guy-2010-02 It was really crazy how the cold gets you. I was on the top of one of the 30ft climbing frames and I was sorting my feet out when I thought – ‘Right, now I need to grab the rope and pull myself over’ I looked up and my hand already had a tight grip of the rope! It was that cold I could not feel my hand grabbing the rope, nor do I remember going for it – It was surreal!… The best part of the day for me was being able to get through it. Seeing my loved ones supporting me through some of the hardest sections of the course gave me a huge boost. I have to thank Jenny, My sister and her boyfriend – Becca and Nick and also my Auntie Ingrid for being there for me on the day. I could not have done it without them… I managed to make it around in 2hours 54mins, a good hour ahead of my original planned time!… I think I got let off lightly. I only really suffered cuts to my legs with bruising and some swelling . My auntie told me of how she had to pull people out who were suffering too much where she was marshalling. There were broken bones and large cuts on numerous people.” Well done Matt, great work. Same again next year? “Some friends have already been asking me if I would do it next year with them… Never say never…”

Matt raised a phenomenal and well deserved £1,941 for Bowel Cancer IOM.  Thank you Matt!