Remember Jay Fun Day 2018

Massive thanks go to all the members of the Remember Jay fun day team who excelled themselves this year.  They set themselves a target well above the 2017 figure and smashed it!  The family fun day was held at Ballafletcher sports facility in memory of Jamie Carr (who featured in this year’s awareness campaign.  We are thrilled to say we received a huge £7,383.72 which will go towards next year’s awareness campaign in the Island.

The fundraising team joined forces with Donna at Carrefour before the fun day so that monies raised from sessions held one Saturday in April could be put towards the star prize in the fun day raffle.  The prizes on offer were fantastic and a credit to those who worked so hard during the months before the event.



Bowel Cancer IOM is indebted to the family and friends of Jamie Carr for their terrific support – not only organising this fabulous event, but also in sharing their story with us all.   Jamie’s story has made many people take much more interest in their general health and wellbeing.  Thank you x