Let’s talk about Bowel Cancer

Isle of Man Bowel Cancer Patient & Carer Support Group

We are a small group that was created in 2014 by Bowel Cancer Isle of Man to provide post operative non-medical support for bowel cancer patients and carers.

Our group provides support for patients and their carers. Meetings are organised where health professionals give talks on various aspects of bowel cancer including diet, exercise, stress and well-being. We provide information from both the experts and people who you can relate to. We believe it is important to provide factual information and to make sure you understand that you are never alone on this journey.

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At the meetings members of all ages gather, allowing you the opportunity to speak to someone who had a similar experience to yourself. We know how reassuring and helpful this can be. You will discover how much easier it is to talk about your problems with someone who can fully understand.  You will find our meetings helpful in dealing with the everyday problems that you may experience and you will make many new friends.


Any patient or carer who has received treatment or been affected by the disease can attend. Information leaflets about the support group are available from the follow-up team at Nobles Hospital, the Macmillan Information Centre, Ramsey and District Cottage Hospital and GP waiting rooms island-wide.


Bowel Cancer IOM is a self-supporting organisation and relies solely on charitable donations and the hard work carried out by the charity’s volunteers.


Any questions about the support group may be directed to the meeting organiser, Heather Norman from Bowel Cancer IOM on 07624 480973.

The next bowel cancer support group meeting will take place on 9 November 2020.  Meetings are held in the function room at Douglas Golf Club approximately every 2 months.

The format of these meetings is very informal so there is a mixture of educational items as well as time for attendees to share their own personal stories with one another over a cup of tea or coffee.  There is no charge for attendance at this meeting or for refreshments.

The information that is shared in these discussions stays within the group and the importance of confidentiality is stressed at the beginning of each meeting.  If you know of anyone dealing with colorectal cancer at any stage of treatment, please invite him or her along.  Partners and carers are welcome too.   Interested parties should telephone 07624 480973.