Parish Walkers raise over £2,000

Three Parish Walk participants, Carol Cregeen, Nick Saunders and Graham Cain, have together raised over £2,000 in sponsorship for Bowel Cancer IOM. Each fundraiser had very personal reasons for choosing Bowel Cancer IOM. They have kindly shared their stories explaining how they were motivated to raise funds whilst raising awareness of bowel cancer.

Carol Cregeen:
When I learned the awful news earlier this year that one of my relatives had been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer at the age of just 31, I immediately decided to support Bowel Cancer IOM and help this local charity with its objectives of raising the awareness of the symptoms and risks of bowel cancer and supporting local people who have been affected by the disease. I was delighted to be able to reach Ballaugh in the Parish Walk and raise over £700 for the charity with the help and support from my very generous friends and relatives.


Nick Saunders:
My Dad was diagnosed with bowel cancer in October 2016. After several operations he had 5 months in the clear before the cancer returned and spread. We were told he had months. This turned into weeks and then literally days. Dad had been a fit and healthy man so the speed and severity of his decline due to this disease was frightening for our whole family to witness. My paternal Grandad also passed away from bowel cancer 30 years ago. I cannot stress enough the importance of getting checked early if you have any concerns whatsoever. When I entered this year’s Parish Walk I decided to raise funds for Bowel Cancer IOM because my Dad was keen to ensure funds raised for local charities should be kept and invested on the Island for the benefit of the Island’s people. I hope that the money I have raised (over £1,200) will not only help a very deserving charity but also raise awareness of bowel cancer.

Graham Cain:
I was diagnosed with rectal cancer early in 2008. At that time I was playing cricket for Valkyres CC. After 5 weeks of radio and chemotherapy in Clatterbridge I had surgery for a permanent colostomy. The following year I went back to playing cricket and carried on for about 4 years until I became too slow to hide in the field! Late in 2017 I realised how unfit I had become so as motivation to get moving, with 2018 being 10 years on from my treatment, I decided to tackle the Parish Walk for the very first time. Well it was hard work lugging my 18 stone up the hills at 62 years of age but I managed to get to Rushen 5 minutes inside the time limit. Thanks to work colleagues in GTS and friends in the Bowling Green Hotel I raised £400 for Bowel Cancer IOM. I hope my story helps others who may be facing similar treatment to see that there can be some light going forward.

Bowel Cancer IOM is very lucky to have such amazing supporters. Carol, Nick and Graham clearly demonstrate that for them taking part in the Parish Walk was not just about raising funds but also about raising awareness of bowel cancer itself, highlighting the importance of knowing the symptoms whatever your age, getting an early diagnosis, speaking freely about bowel problems and keeping active post treatment.”

You can contact Bowel Cancer IOM by texting 07624 480973 or email